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The Cumberland County Schools Special Needs Transportation Department provides transportation to over 65 schools for more than 1,000 students. Transportation is provided for children with most disabilities. In order for a student to ride an Special Needs bus, special transportation must be addressed on their IEP as a related service. This request will be processed by the school and a Special Transportation Request Form will be submitted to the Exceptional Children’s Office. The EC Office will in turn work with the Special Needs Transportation Office to make arrangements for transporting the student. This service is provided for special needs children only.


Do all special education students ride on special buses?
Special transportation will be provided for students who need it because of their disability or the locations of their program. Otherwise, they will ride the regular school bus or walk to school. Curb-to-curb bus service is arranged by the Transportation Department for students who need it. School bus safety standards are always followed.

When will your child’s bus ride start?
Every effort is made to arrange transportation as quickly as possible. It takes five (5) days for the school bus ride to be arranged. When the Exceptional Children’s Office assigns a student to a program two (2) weeks or less before school starts, a bus route may not be arranged by the start of school. Parents may be asked to transport their child until transportation is arranged.

If you move, will your child ride the same bus?
An address change may require a bus change. Parents should call their school’s office in advance to give them the date you are moving, the new address and phone number. Bus route changes take five (5) days to start. If you move into a new school district the student’s needs will be reassessed and possibly the school site changed.

What if a student is picked-up and dropped-off at an address other than their home?
 Bus routes can only allow for one address for the pick-up and one address for the drop-off. One day changes cannot be made. Try to keep the daycare/babysitter close to home.

Can the pick-up and drop-off time change from day to day?
Special needs school bus routes vary according to the needs of each student riding. Be ready and watching for the school bus ten (10) minutes before it is scheduled to arrive.

What if your child’s needs change to being bused in a wheelchair or with special equipment?
A bus change may be necessary. Contact the school office so that necessary arrangements can be made.

What are the school bus driver’s responsibilities?
School bus drivers are professional drivers with special training and commercial drivers licenses. They work directly for the school district.  Drivers are told not to blow the horn at bus stops. If there is not a bus assistant, the driver performs the assistant’s duties.

What are school bus assistant’s responsibilities?
The school bus assistant works with the driver to be sure all the students are safe on the bus. They secure seat belts, wheelchairs, necessary support, etc… The assistant maintains discipline, sees that students stay in their seats, and reports problems to the schools. They seek emergency medical help when needed.

Image of a Special Needs Child in a WheelchairCan a bus assistant come to the door to pick-up and drop-off a student?
Bus assistants can only work with students in the area in and around the bus. They cannot assist a student beyond the curb. What are the parent’s responsibilities? Have your child fully clothed, toileted and ready at the bus stop ten (10) minutes before pick-up time. Accompany your child to the curb. If your child has not ridden for more than three days, the bus will stop coming until you call the school office to restart your child. Notify the school office in advance if your address, phone number, or daycare arrangements change.

If your child misses the bus, can it come back?
The driver cannot come back because of traffic and other route trips. Transport your child to school as quickly as possible. What’s the parent’s responsibility at drop-off time? Be at the bus stop ten (10) minutes before the bus is scheduled to drop-off your child. Meet your child at the curb so that the driver can make custodial transfer of your child to you or another responsible person. Students who are not met will be referred to The Department of Social Services.

How can a parent help make the school bus safe?
Teach your child the school bus safety rules and appropriate bus riding behavior.

Why must the parent fill out an emergency information form?
Cumberland County Schools require that emergency and health information be on file for each student. Parents must provide this information. The form can be filled out at the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting by school staff and parent together. This information is required before the student can ride the bus.

What behavior is expected by a student while riding the school bus?
We expect all students to follow the bus safety rules for the safety of your child and others who ride the bus. The school bus safety rules are:

1) Be on time
2) Always sit down
3) Be quiet
4) Listen to driver and assistant
5) No eating or drinking
6) No fighting

How will discipline problems be handled?
Bus behavior problems are reported to the school on incident reports filled out by the bus driver or the assistant. The principal’s office decides what disciplinary action will be taken to enforce safe behavior on the bus including: suspension from school, suspension of bus riding privileges, detention, parent conference and bus rider ship training.

What if a student does not follow the bus safety rules?
Students who cannot or will not follow the bus safety rules will be suspended or some action taken with them to ensure safety on the bus for themselves and all riders.

Ill students
If your child becomes ill at school you will be expected to transport your child from school.

Questions and Concerns
If parents have additional questions or concerns about special education transportation, they may call the school office, the Transportation Department or the Special Needs Office.

Resource List
Cumberland County Schools Information: 910-678-2300

Early-In Office: 910-484-6761
Exceptional Children’s Office: 910-678-2430
Special Needs Transportation Office: 910-678-2583

Published by Lindsay Oxendine on January 27, 2020

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